Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness and a Home Tour.

Please excuse my rudeness. Some of you have been stopping by everyday for months now, and I have yet to invite you in!

I just realized this and had to put an end to it immediately! And incase you didn't stop by yesterday, I've challenged myself to write only original content posts. So for you readers, that means lots and lots of DIY projects and for me a very busy month :)

Can't wait to share everything because boy do I have a fun month planned! I'm kicking it off today with the first room of my Home Tour- the living room. This is the first room you see when you walk through my door, so I figured it'd be a nice place to start.

So come on in, kick off your shoes, and relax. And welcome to Apartment 6!
(IKEA sofa I'm glad I got out of my system before I have puppies and babies in the future. Seriously impossible to keep clean! But I was in love with it and had to give it a shot.)
(The coffee table is from IKEA and I simply painted it a bluish gray shade I found at my local hardware store for a few bucks because it was mixed incorrectly for a previous customer. I love it and wish I had a color name!)
(DIY Cork Wall that I will post about in more detail during this month.)
(The candles are residual Valentine's Day props, but I have really enjoyed lighting them up at night, especially when it's snowing outside.)
(The trunks belonged to my aunt, and she donated them to me when I moved into this apartment directly out of college. She knows I love all things old and loaded with character, and these beauties definitely fit that bill.)

(Craft Paper prints were loosely inspired by Jenny's post(mine are almost Swedish looking), and while I like the ones featured in her post better, I knew I needed to create art that was airy and not quite as busy for my space. I can't wait to recreate ones identical to the prints Jenny wrote about for a future space.)

(Detail with some of my favorite love birds.)

(Love me some ikat!)

(Cork walls are a great place to collect favorite details from a life well-lived.)

(Girlie details. Love.)

(Non-working fireplace feels more authentic with tons of white candles ablaze.)

I love the feeling I have when I walk through the front door into this room. When you fill your home with elements you really love (for me a cork wall, trunks that act as storage as well as a TV stand, and fabric covered matchboxes) you're bound to be happy spending time in your space. And while there are definitely things I will change in the near future, because I change things around on like a daily basis (Designer Syndrome, sooo not my fault) I love the space and hope you liked it too! Thanks for stopping by, and come back again tomorrow!


  1. Gorgeous Heidi! Loving all of the little details. :)

  2. Love the space, I feel like I could curl up on that sofa and stay forever. Very welcoming and warm! Can't wait for details on the cork wall.

    p.s. if you decide you hate that little pink bowl feel free to send it my way! (aka. where's it from, I need one!)

  3. Erica- One of the benefits of living by myself. The details can be as girlie as I like and boyfriend can't say a word :)

    Jenny- Thanks for stopping by! I don't think I'll be hating it anytime soon, so you can go grab one at Anthropologie. They have 3 other equally exciting colors!

  4. Oh wowzers! This is too gorgeous, Heidi!
    Loving my latest bookmark-worthy blog find!

  5. Heidi, I love your blog! Great living room. I'm sure the rest of your place is equally fabulous!

  6. Love it! I especially love those birds!


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