Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home Tour: Jewel Box Closet.

Welcome to my closet (and apologies for those of you who've been waiting)! Technically it is a walk-in closet, if by walk-in you mean I can take little under three full steps. But something about this closet's tiny size made me want to go all out with my decor choices. Hermes orange walls? Check. Gold bamboo mirror? Check. Like a poem, each element had to pack a powerful punch. This area carved out for clothes and all things girlie proves the saying true, "Good things come in small packages, like diamonds and dynamite." Decide for yourself!

(The dresser I had growing up-- now painted-- works perfectly in this closet. The white lightens up the Hermes orange walls and shows off the girly curves. Enough space underneath to house a few of my go-to pairs of shoes.)

(A photo of Marilyn inspires me to add at least one glam detail to my outfit every morning.)

(Tea cups found at a garage sale for $1 each are the prettiest receptacles for lipgloss. I seriously have to hide my giddiness sometimes at these sales out of fear that the oblivious owner will snap out of their style-void-coma, realize just how beautiful their items are, and no longer sell them to me.)

(Some of my most prized possessions. Vintage clutches in a cloth basket busting at the seems.)

(I'm not sure if it's because orange is my favorite color or if I'm a little crazy, but the paint color seems to act as a neutral and compliments any color garment I place in the space.)

(A shoe rack that slides in and out of the closet.)

(This dresser houses all things fun. Jewelry, accessories like sunglasses and belts, and the best smelling lotions.)

(Perfume + dresses = love)

(One last favorite shot of the closet from summertime.)

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  1. i LOVE your gold fish, and you have some yummy shoes i would love to steel! they wouldn't happen to be a 7.5/8? (;

  2. Thanks for the sweet comments. And you just might be in luck Arica...8/8.5!

  3. I like the Marilyn inspiration. Being a mom of two little ones I like that idea and need lots of reminders to glam it up when I get an opportunity. :)

  4. Looks great! The orange is killer and I love having a real dresser in the closet.

  5. Gorgeous! I love that you did orange! And I love the dresser in there!

  6. Really gorgeous space! Love the Hermes orange! Miss Walker xoxo


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