Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gallery Wall.

It's no secret that I love a good gallery wall. Gallery walls add personality and interest to an otherwise simple space.

I'm planning a grouping of black frames for a client to fill up space in a blank hallway.

Desire to Inspire


Should I take a risk by creating a more "haphazard" arrangement (like above)? (Let it be noted, often this "carefree" approach actually takes more time to plan and is harder to successfully achieve.)

Martha Stewart


Full House

Or do I take the sure-to-please route for said client and install identical frames in a grid pattern?

Equally beautiful, which type of gallery wall would you choose for your space? Do you already have one living happily within your home?

Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm Enamored.

Grant K. Gibson Design

Every time I see this image I find something different to obsess over. The greek key trim skirted table. Mirrored built-ins. That swing arm lamp. And just yesterday, I thought for a moment's glance that the ceiling was lacquered in a soft blue-gray. I was wrong, but it really got my wheels turning.

Such a swoon-worthy space. Happy weekend everyone! Any fun plans?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So Weird.

via Coastal Living

A few minutes ago, I decided to peruse some old archives on the Coastal Living website, specifically with inspiration for my mom in mind. She and my stepdad just moved into a new-to-them house and I'm working with them to decorate almost every room.

We've been making lead way in the main living spaces especially (kitchen and family room), and already have paint and fabrics chosen for these spaces. Imagine my surprise when the very first image on the CL website included an almost identical curtain fabric we're using for the family room and shares a very similar color palette!

For my mom's space, we decided to take a different route with wall color and picked up the deep blue of the fabric, juxtaposed by light furniture. Both looks are great in my book. Pretty hard to go wrong with a classic blue and white combo.

I love how designer Frank Randolph, like any good designer, mixes endless shades of blues and beiges into the space. Everything isn't perfectly matchy-matchy. A hallmark of good design, it adds more interest and has a softer effect on the eye and mind.

via Coastal Living

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Glam Bedroom Inspiration.

I'm currently gathering inspiration for a quickie decor job I'm doing for my boyfriends sister, a college student moving into her first apartment. While it's by no means a permanent move (once a year moves for four years straight- something I do not miss about college), it needs to be just as fab as this little lady is. Amanda's room must stand up to her fun personality and love for all things glam.

I'm thinking Dorothy Draper. Hollywood regency. Drama. Girlie. We're going for big bang, little cash here. As always, I'm here to prove that a tight budget does not need to limit style.

Here's my inspiration so far...

via High Gloss Blue

I love the white on black detailing above, as well as the Chanel poster which reminds me of my old bathroom.

via Traditional Home

Can't beat that Greek Key trim. Attention to detail at its finest.
Also love the cluster of photos and desk swapped in for a bedside table.

via The Love List

Great color palette. The pink is subdued by the black, white, and gray.

Design by Noel Jeffrey for Kips Bay Decorator Show House 2010

Such a glam way to treat the wall behind the bed!

via Lonny

Again, loving the curtains behind the bed!

Wish me luck. We're trying to be finished by Friday
and all we have so far is a pink comforter (and lots of coffee, let's hope).
Aaaaannd on that note, I'm out!

Monday, August 8, 2011

An Update.

Moving out of the old apartment defines bitter sweet. As I handed over the keys and walked through Door Number 6 for what would probably be the last time, I stopped for a moment to breath in the scent of the place that had been my home for the last two years, with its perfectly worn wooden floors and giant white moldings, evidence of an era gone by.

Luckily, memories transcend brick and mortar walls. And as I move into the next phase of my life, one I'm so excited about some nights I can't even sleep, I'll look fondly into the past and stew about in the memories of Apartment 6 often.

Thoughts of home-cooked meals so delicious they still make my mouth water. Making the slightly-scary but ever-so-exciting decision to start my own design business. Laughter between friends packed around an oversized, overstuffed white sectional. A young love developing on a balcony aglow with Christmas lights. These are the things I will remember.

Kisses Coventry. Thanks for the memories.

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