Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Updates.

Hi everyone. Experiencing some technical difficulties over here. I cannot find the battery charger for my camera ANYWHERE! And not only is this catastrophic because I can't share my cozy little bedroom with all of you, but also because I'm leaving for LA today and need-to, have-to, must-have, would-absolutely-die without my camera!! So I'm off to search for it, and go to an estate sale that I really don't have time to attend. Wish me luck on finding treasures and my charger!

Here's an inspiration board I'm working on for an office. Not finished yet, but I love how it's coming together. And don't forget to place your last minute entry for the Designer Road Map Giveaway! Closes today at 3 (Cleveland time). Check back later for the winner!

** UPDATE** Camera charger found
and lots & lots of goodies for future clients and ATLS Shop! **UPDATE**


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