Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bathroom Before and After.

Remember when I said I had a surprise regarding this bathroom?

Well I wasn't lying. My stepbrother had been living with that miserable bathroom for almost two months when I surprised him with this make-over for around $100!

The walls got a coat of rich chocolaty brown and all the trim was painted with fresh white. That alone was a huge improvement!

Something about the natural fiber of the hats works well in the bathroom. The top belongs to moi and the bottom one was found for a buck at an antique shop. A simple way to add character and layers to a bathroom (sometimes a tricky feat).

The plant adds a pop of life (something every space should have) to the basement bathroom. The banana leaf basket holds all his toiletries since there isn't any storage by the pedestal sink.

The shower curtain is from Walmart but was originally plain white. I cut the curtain in half, added the stripe of orange with fabric from JoAnn's (around $10) and Stitch Witchery. It was so simple and inexpensive but adds the needed visual interest and looks much more custom. Another trick: hang your shower curtain as high as possible to make your room seem taller. This was huge since the bathroom is in the basement which has low ceilings to begin with.

Perfect proof that you don't need big bucks to make a big difference in your space! For help in your space, email me at and let me work my budget magic on you!


  1. fabulous! The brown and orange look lovely together,...especially with the slice of clean white. super! pj

  2. Go Browns! Looks good Heidi, and I love the subtle homage to Cleveland's own ;)

  3. raising the curtain is both more attractive AND useful. traps in the steamy warmth. (:

    impressive low budget makeover!!

  4. That shower curtain is lovely- the color being my favorite of course!!

  5. Oh my gosh! Beautiful. I LOVE the orange with the brown. Such a huge improvement!


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