Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Malachite and Marble Floors Sneak Peak.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@atlsdesign) have seen the progress of the painted floors in my office.  Inspired by Kelly Wearstler and her mesmerizing take on patterned floors, I took to transforming old wood floors into a malachite and marble masterpiece.

After grossly underestimating the magnitude of said project, cuss words were flying along with a few threats of scrapping this project all together.  But a glimmer of hope remained and I pushed through the grueling process of taping and faux finishing row by row, "tile" after "tile".  Admittedly, some boxes are better than others, but over all I love the results.  It's spunky, yet classic.  Colorful, yet sophisticated.

Can't wait to share my entire studio after it's properly shot in a week or two.  And for those of you who stopped by from Little Green Notebook, thanks!  I'm glad to have you :)  You can find more on my malachite piano bench and green piano here.   And one more recent shot of the piano I just love.

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