Monday, January 30, 2012

Come On In: Michael Haney and Brooke Cundiff Via The Selby.

Doesn't this home feel so welcoming?
Almost familiar, in a way. As if you've been there.
The neutral color palette with shots of saturated hue
might be responsible for my gravitation to this NYC space,
owned by Michael Haney and Brooke Cundiff.

The style is clean, but collected enough to feel cozy.
It seems they've included all the right accessories to prove a life well-lived,
yet left out all else.

And there's certainly no denying the fact that Todd Selby has a knack
for making his readers feel as if they are the one
heading step after step deeper into a new friend's place.
The guy is good.

Such a great way to decorate,
especially for those who like to mix things up often.
I've said it before. I'll say it again.
By keeping the shell neutral,
you can incorporate colorful objects of any shade seamlessly.

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday I'm In Love: Choosing A Wedding Band.

Today's wedding update isn't about design. It's all about the music. Jason and I sat down Wednesday night with some wine and a long list of Michigan bands. We're looking for a fun band that plays a pretty solid mix of oldies peppered with some nineties classics and a few new covers, too.

We listened to tons of Michigan bands on this website and narrowed it down to a few we're considering. Hopefully these bands are all available on our date (fingers crossed)!

We would love any and all advice on choosing an awesome wedding band!
Tidbits friends told you when you were choosing a band for the special day?
Something you would do differently if you could do it again?
Anyone live in Michigan and know of a great band?

I'm all ears! Let the sharing begin!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Breakfast Nook Is So Me.

And here are the reasons why....

Yup. Sums it up pretty well.

P.S. After writing this post, I caught up on some of my favorites in Blogland and saw that Miss Bri very recently stressed the importance of creating a personalized color scheme for your blog. I've been thinking about this a. lot. ever since Blogshop and am definitely seeing some patterns develop. Can you say tomato red, inky navy blue, cognac, black and white, gold, light blue gray, and fresh spring green?

Image via My Pinterest

Defining Personal Style.

Since the renovation phase is quickly approaching an end at the house, I'm starting to focus on decor. I want to nail this portion of the process and include every little detail I've always dreamt of living amongst. There's nothing like being surrounded by things you truly love on a daily basis. One of life's greatest luxuries, as far as I'm concerned.

But I don't think I'm alone when I say this, it can be hard to figure out just what to include and what to leave out! In this day in age we are exposed to so many versions of pretty. With blogs and tumblr sites galore, our sense of style can become slightly diluted. I find myself saying "I love that" to stark white modern spaces and seconds later to a perfect example of more-is-more.

While my likes clearly run the style gamut, I need to separate what I like from what I love, and further from what I truly cannot live without. I've boiled it down to some inspiration images that are so "me." You know, the images you see and have an immediate connection with. They include specifics from color, to accessories, to fabrics, to furniture layouts that I dearly love and feel are a strong representation of me and my style. I admire individuals with a strong sense of self and defined personal style and am working very hard to create a home that friends and family will walk into and say (aside from being well decorated and beautiful), "It's so you!"

Over the next few days I want to share some of my favorite "me" images I've loved for a long time. Let's start with the bedroom.

I start with white bedding, almost always.
I love crisp white linens for the basics.
Think duvet, pillows, and sometimes sheets too.
Then I like to add color or pattern.
This can be done through decorative pillows,
maybe a long punchy boudoir in front of the main pillows.
Or I'll throw a colorful blanket across the bottom of the bed.

I like a touch of brass in almost every space I decorate.
The gold hue works well with tons of colors,
and is enhanced especially by so many of the colors I love working with.
It doesn't fight saturated colors but rather blends with the whole quite well.

I love nature.
There's something so beautiful about bringing a bit of the outdoors in.
Whether it's as subtle as a vase of fresh flowers or as in your face as climbing vine wallpaper,
I'm drawn to spaces with a nod to Mother Nature.

This one kind of encapsulates it all.
Basic whites. Ethnic Pattern (and a stripe!!). Aged Brass.
Yes. Yes. Yes.

For years I claimed blue was my least favorite color.
Interestingly enough, it's one of my favorite colors to use in design.
The right warm blue acts as a neutral in my mind and can take on so many colors really well.
In the space above, blue is the perfect backdrop for every hue-
beige, grays, mustardy yellow, black, white and even blush pink and bright red.
I love this palette.

Stripes are a real favorite of mine. They get me every time.
Crisp without being stark, stripes add a graphic element that works well in nearly every space.
They are classic and fresh at the same time.

What are some design elements that are "so you"?
Any that pop up over and over again in your house or client projects?
One of my favorite things about decorating is the endless possibilities for the same space.
A room can be done so many different ways.
It's really fun to see a client space come together
by including things they truly love and elements that are very "them".

images via My Pinterest

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday I'm In Love.

Loyal readers, you've known about our exciting news since November.
But for you newbies out there, it's true! Jason and I are getting married.

The big day is just over five months away,
so planning has taken over much of my time and many of my pins.

I'd love to share our plans for the big day...

Decor for the reception. Fashion for the bridal party.
Personal touches we will add to make the day more special.
Design boards for little things like Save The Dates (above).

What are your thoughts? Would like in on all the lovely little details?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Please Excuse My Randomness.

There are so many beautiful interior images I'd love to share with you all today,
but this is what came out instead.
I guess I'm feeling artsy. What can I say?

This week I'm pushing to get last little details finished
and cleaned at the house so I can MOVE IN!
Not exactly fun stuff so I think that's were this creative influx above came from.
Have you seen the amount of dust that comes out of a renovation?
I swear I could clean for years and it still wouldn't vanish completely.

Wish me luck!
Images via Pinterest

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You Know You Want To...

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Over there on the right. I'll wait for you.

Okay. Now back to regular programming.
Can we talk about all things fabulous?

Like the shape of this ottoman...

And the panelling on these walls.

The metal work on these doors. OMG. So good it hurts, no?

The perfection of this sofa/pillow combo.

And while on the subject of Fabulous,
we certainly wouldn't want to leave out this dress...

Female porn, I tell ya.
Guys have Playboy. Us ladies, we have Pinterest.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Inspiration Board: Master Closet.

Classic yet collected. Sums up my design style pretty well.

First up on the to-do list: DIY herringbone walls in cedar. This will either be a wonderfully beautiful success or an epic failure-I'll let you know.
Moths, watch out.

Happy Saturday! Anything fun planned?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hipsters have amazing sofas.

Almost always it seems.
You know the type. Bohemian beauty. Effortless stunner.
They never seem too "done" and neither do their homes.
Vintage everything. Clothes. Shoes. Definitely jewelry and clutches.
Every home good/ accent piece in their space seems "found,"
just as easily at a high end vintage boutique as on the curbside.
Let's be clear, I mean this in a good way.
And just when the decorator in me wishes their space was a bit less collected
and slightly more structured, in pops the sofa of every designer's dreams.
Fluffy. Luxuriously comfortable. Tailored just enough.
The perfect juxtaposition to all the old and worn.
And right there it happened. Whether you knew it or not.
Just when you thought these ladies couldn't get any cooler, they did.
Bravo beauties. Here's to your closets and your couches.

Images via Closet Visit... Appreciate the tip Bri! My eyeballs thank you.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Well Appointed Home.

Gosh I love RIta Konig. One small snapshot of her NY apartment encapsulates so much that I love about design. Her look is layered, lived-in, true-to-self, quirky, all while holding true to key design principles. Favorites of mine to repeat over and over again, I'd include these elements in every room if I could.

How about you? What are some of your favorite decorating moves?

photo via My Pinterest

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wishing You A Happy New Year!

Wishing all my sweet readers a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!
Thanks for your continued support and interest in all things design.
You make this blog such a fun place to visit everyday.
Can't wait to share all the pretty 2012 has in store for this blog.
Happy New Year!
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