Monday, March 7, 2011

My Home Tour: Bathroom.

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing my bathroom. Similar to the kitchen, I wish I could change certain things, but because I'm renting can't. A new light fixture and medicine cabinet would be top on the list. I do love the white penny tiles that are original to the building, and can't even bare to cover them with a rug. Without further adieu, here is my bathroom...

(The shower curtain is from World Market and is actually a window curtain. The wrap around bar is installed high in this bathroom, so I wanted to get a curtain that would be floor length and most shower curtains would not have been long enough. Using window curtains also gives you more choice as there are many more options. And I love the light airy material of this curtain. )

(The condition of this vanity was quite sad when I moved it. It's compressed wood and had drips of white paint from years and years of repainting for new tenants. Also, the "wood" was worn away in parts exposing what looked like cardboard. I debated long and hard whether I should paint the vanity a crisp white or this deep gray. I ended up choosing gray to add a bit of depth to the space and haven't looked back since. I love the gray and the fresh look it gives to the piece.)

(Mercury glass and pink tulips. What could be better?)

(A thrifted saucer is the perfect mini tray for jewelry and a nail polish or two.)

(I searched for a pink ikat remnant to make my window treatment from, but couldn't find anything affordable. So I headed to my local JoAnn's, picked up some white canvas which was under $10, and painted it using white and pink paint. Then I simply folded the top over, used Tacky Glue to create a pocket, slipped a tension rod through, and voila. Ready to hang!)

(The Chanel prints are actually advertisements I tore from a vintage magazine. With a frame and matte they seem so much more special than a magazine page.)

(Love that my cheapie H&M robe I've had for years becomes an instant prop in bathroom decor.)

Thanks for stopping by! See you later today for ATLS's very first Giveaway! :)


  1. Looks great! I really love the window treatment!

  2. Great painted Ikat. Love that idea!

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