Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Madness Highlights.

A few of my favorites from last year's March Madness.

ATLS Design's old office quarters

A pretty chinoiserie bedroom wall tutorial

Dressing Room Before & After

So many others that I would have loved to include. But the best part? This year's reveals are even better! Can't wait for the madness to start tomorrow!

But I'll Tell You A Secret.

Yep, I'm doing it again! Because really. Why should the boys have all the fun in March?

Last year I had the brilliantly hair-brained idea to do an entire month of original content posts. And for some even crazier reason I've decided to do it again, making me possibly the world's slowest learner. I kid.

Quite the challenge but so much fun as well! This year I've got bigger and better reveals planned, furniture finds I'll transform right before your very eyes, art stunners you'll want hanging in your home, and a newly renovated house waiting for the spotlight! It's gonna be good.

Follow along with the fun and check back often to marvel at all the madness!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Inspired / Dark Walls.

All those dark walled rooms got my wheels turning. Here's some gray with a girlie spin.

Start with Backwater by Miller Paints on the walls. Place a gray sofa and a few chairs in your space. These tables painted out in faux tortoise would be so cute and so cheap. Load the industrial chic shelf with some books (all the same color is so fun!), barnacles, and other pretties. Artwork from this fabulous collection. And boy does that Furbish star steal the show!

P.S. Check out the new and improved (didn't know that was possible!!) Furbish Studio. Wow! Jamie, you blow me away. Job well done.

Dark Walls.

Sometimes dark walls are just the thing a room needs to feel cozy and warm.

See how lovely that tortoise table goes with all the black. I love it!

You can pull in almost any color when you start with a neutral "shell" (walls, large pieces of furniture, etc.). Such a versatile way to go if you have commitments issues with color.

Gold and black are basically BFFs. They go so well together. And the lucite table above is the perfect choice in order to keep a black room from becoming to heavy.

This room is too good for words. Dark walls. Charcoal furniture. Inky blue accents. Just enough shots of lightness to temper all the black. Sigh.

The color palette here is amazing. The walls are the perfect shade of blue gray and work really well with every other element in the space.

Although definitely not for everyone, dark walls would be such a sophisticated addition to so many homes. Would you try this shade in your home?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Come On In.

Just a sneak peak, but here's a glimpse into our open plan kitchen / dining room!

Tile steals the show over in these cooking parts. And I love every minute of it.

Hopefully this will get your mouths watering for more!

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Update.

Outside my office window it's gray and blustery (and now hailing), definitely not the best view to get through a Friday. My inspiration tank is a little low right now after a long week. Here's what's been keeping me busy as of late.

I love this company! Unbeatable prices and the rug arrived within two days.

Love the color it adds to an otherwise neutral bathroom.

My current design plan for our basement,
which I shouldn't even be thinking about until I finish the main floor.

Very basic beginnings of master bath shelf styling

Getting my office organized. Finally.

A fabric story taking shape, on my newly installed cork I might add.

More master bath styling.

Pretty detail from a fun new project.

Sourcing some inexpensive yet pretty wall art ideas for a client.

It's times like these that I know I chose the right career. Even when I'm super busy, I love my job so much! The more projects going on, the more pretty to look at!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Roman Shades.

I'm usually a long panel curtain kind of gal. Half an inch off the floor, thank you very much.

But sometimes a space isn't suited for long panels (think kitchen, bathroom, utility areas, etc.) A new client I'm working with doesn't want long curtains for her bedroom. Roman shades instantly came to my mind.

Here are a few great examples of roman shades done right.

Remember the roller shade DIY I stumbled upon the other day? This might be the perfect time to use it!

All images via My Pinterest

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Everygirl.

Have you visited The Everygirl yet? The newly launched site from co-founders Alaina and Danielle is nothing short of fabulous!

The Everygirl is a wonderful asset for us creative ladies out here, trying to make it on our own. It's chock-full of inspiring women who are living their dreams and dishing the details on how they got to where they are today. I'm all ears.

Other topics include fashion, finance, and food- advice every twenty-somethings can learn from.

And would you just look at all the pretty!
(More pretty pictures here.)

There's something for everyone on The Everygirl.

Cheers to young, successful, independent women everyone! Well done ladies, well done.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pretty Storage System.

Almost everyone I work with stresses their need for storage. Sometimes that's the reason alone I get hired. Either way I love helping clients create effective and stylish systems to organize their stuff. I cannot stress this one enough guys! Make it look good and you'll want to use it.

A bookshelf is a great way to gain additional shelf space. White is a very clean look, but sometimes it's fun to paint the back of the piece (above Ben Moores "Soft Marigold" is especially fun). Add baskets (matching please!) to act like drawers. World Market has a great selection. Keep like items together and label your baskets so you know exactly where everything goes.

The light from IKEA is $3.99 yet makes your belongings feel so special. No excuses guys. $3.99. With the money you saved on the light, add this beautiful Anthropologie curtain. It will conceal you belongs and look pretty all at the same time.

Loving this look. Perfect for spring!

Monday, February 20, 2012

STYLE GUIDE / Peter Dunham

Now you can get the Dunham look for less!


Notice I haven't skimped on the textiles. The hand blocked fabric look is really big right now, so many big box stores carry inexpensive textiles similar to the Dunham fabric line. The Fig Leaf is such an iconic print and packs big visual punch, so I can justify including it in this board.

See that rug. Well they're basically giving them out for free today. No joke, I ordered two. Go check them out. Now. I shop with Esale Rugs a lot. And I have yet to be disappointed. I don't know how they do it, but it's legit.

The wallpaper I'm showing is actually a black and white ticking upholstery you can get at any fabric store. Adding fabric to walls adds an insanely rich look I'm dying to use soon!

Lastly, I'm wondering has anyone used Home Decorators Collection for upholstered pieces? They have some amazingly on trend pieces with prices that seem too good to be true. I'm wondering if this is a case of "get what you pay for" or if HDC is a magical money saving company like Esale Rugs. I'd love your feedback!

Inspired / Peter Dunham.

Peter Dunham. A House Beautiful regular, the man is good.

Did you see his One Day Makeover? Yea, kind of unbelievable right?

His spaces are always beautiful, never too "done". They're the type of rooms to discover new details every time you enter. And the way he mixes color and print! I bow down.

With an envy-worthy fabric line at his fingertips, textile choices are always spot-on. Fig leaf is a definite fan favorite and I've jumped on the bandwagon here. I love it! Inspiration struck yesterday and I figured out the perfect little spot to fig-ify (anyone have a yard or two to sell??)

Dunham uses it all the time, and I think I should too!

Really this post could continue on quite endlessly. Drool-worthy room after drool-worthy room appear when you search Dunham's work. Easily a favorite designer of mine.

Do you love him too? If so, check out his full line of fabrics and his store, Hollywood at Home. A must-see next time I find myself in LA.

Happy Monday loves!

All images via My Pinterest

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday I'm In Love: Save The Date.

It's confirmed. Vintage stamps might just be one of the loveliest things on earth. From a purely visual standpoint, they're stunning. I love the colors and the graphic nature of the designs. But there's something more that mesmerizes me about these charming little gems of days gone by.

Think of all the love these stamps have seen. Young couples divulging their deep feelings for the first time. Family members recounting their typical day-to-day in a new land. Holiday well wishes between best friends. Total swoon.

So I dug through some oldies at one of my favorite antique shops, Sophie's Treasure, and found some to add to our save the dates.

They pack a huge visual punch and add such charm to the back of the post cards. Even though the stamps are old, something about these save the dates is decidedly fresh. Vintage modern. Just the way I like it.

Above you can see the front and the back. Trent Bailey took the photo of us for the front of the card. More on him soon! The man is a genius! Jason and I created a fake ferry ticket to include in the envelope. Just thinking of riding the ferry over to Mackinac Island has gotten us so excited for the big day!

The top of the card is the perfect detail poking out of the blue envelopes. That ceiling! Gahhh! Such a lovely first impression this little card makes, no?

Happy Friday everyone! Only a few more envelopes to hand calligraph and these babies are in the mail! #Lovecrossingthingsoff
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