Thursday, March 10, 2011

DIY Padded Headboard Tutorial and One of my Favorite People.

I knew I wanted a padded headboard for my bedroom, and I knew DIY was the only way I could get one with prices (for even a twin!) way out of my league. I also had been lusting over curvy headboards and decided that's what I had to have.

So when I realized I unfortunately didn't have the necessary tools for this project, I called my Uncle Jay- not only the funniest person I know but also a very talented carpenter and skilled woodworker. He picked up the wood (SurePly- something I never would have thought about using but now would highly recommend) and I came over ready to learn.

He taught me tons of tips and tricks regarding the Jigsaw:

*Take it slow to ensure a perfect cut around tricky curves.

*Don't start the saw directly along the line you intend to cut, but rather cut into another edge of the wood and move into your line to prevent splintering.

*Also, hold the wood down to prevent it from rocking and splintering.

I only wish I had chosen a more intricate curve after I realized how manageable working with the jigsaw was.



Sureply or a thin piece of wood the width of your bed, Jigsaw, staple gun, staples, twin size "egg carton" mattress pad, fabric, craft paper
(***Note*** Big box home improvement stores offer tools for rent. Smaller hardware stores don't always offer this option, but they should be able to recommend a tool rental shop incase you don't have an Uncle Jay.)


1. Draw the design of your headboard onto craft paper. I folded my piece in half to ensure the curve would be symmetrical on each side since I freehanded the design.
2. Cut out the curve and trace in onto your wood. I determined the height I wanted and measured from the bottom of the wood. One less edge to cut.
3. Cut out the design using a jigsaw. Getting the saw started on the wood is the most challenging part. Once you have the blade in, it's smooth sailing!
4. Sand around the edges to smooth rough areas.

5. Lay your mattress pad with the carton side up. You want the smooth side to face out so your padded headboard doesn't have a funky bumpy texture.
6. Lay your wood down on top of the pad. Start on one side and wrap the pad around the wood. Staple somewhere in the middle of that side and move over to the opposite side.
7. Stretch the pad so it's pulled taut and staple somewhere in the middle of that side.
8. Now work your way around until you have the pad stapled to the wood all the way around. Depending on the curve you choose, you'll have to play around with the pad and make sure you have it stapled smoothly all around each curve. The curvy side takes longer, but take your time and make sure you smooth it out all around. It will be worth it in the end.

9. Now lay out your fabric, good side facing down on the ground. Place your wood/ pad board face down on top of the fabric.

10. Repeat the process you did for stapling the pad. Start on the middle of one side and place a staple. Then move over to the opposite side, pull the fabric taut (I did this solo, but two sets of hands and muscles would be useful) and staple. Again, the sides aren't too challenging, but it gets tricky once you get to the dips in the curve.

11. To install, I used a drill and screwed one screw on each side at the bottom (so it's below the level of the bed). That combined with the bed pushed up against the headboard stabilizes it. You may want to install yours more securely, but I was trying to create as few holes as possible as I'm renting.

Sorry guys. I wasn't very good about photographing the steps of this project. It's really an easy project, just takes a bit of time. I would encourage you to take a risk and get creative with your shape. There are such lovely examples out there for inspiration. The sky is really the limit.

Check back tomorrow for pictures of the headboard in my bedroom. I looooveee the way it turned out and get so many compliments on the headboard when I have guests over. Hope this tutorial helps and gives you the courage to take on the power tools ladies! I'd love to see pictures of your work if you try your hands at this project! Send them to me at!

And one last thing, don't forget to enter the Giveaway..... Holy Long Post!


  1. Is that a chalkboard wall behind the bed?! Amazing. I love upholstered beds, I think they are so cozy, welcoming and comfortable! Great job on this one. I'm off to google sureply!!

  2. Sureply is basically plywood but it's most commonly used as an underlay below linoleum flooring. I had no clue, but my uncle said it would fit the bill and it was affordable. Hope that helps :)

  3. Great DIY but is this made of tatanium? I joke, still not sure which route I'm going but this will definitely haelp thanks for sharing.

    P.s. my hubby just bought a new Rigid table saw It's like Christmas here ahahaha! I love tools.

  4. I love the headboard's shape; that's a really different take on it. I also LOVE the wall treatment. Is it paper, stenciling, freehand painting? It would be cool to know how you got that look. :-)

  5. I love this tutorial - thanks so much!

    So, you screwed the headboard into the wall? How far below the top of the bed did you go?


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