Monday, February 14, 2011

If Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, and Julia Child Procreated and Let their Three Year Old Finger Paint.

This past weekend was great! I headed down to Cincinnati to visit a sweet friend of mine. The weekend involved donning super stylish pretzel necklaces at Beerfest, meeting Ryan Gosling (yes, that's right! Basically perfection in human form and nice as could be), and window shopping in the best boutiques. An impromptu stop into Anthropologie had me re-thinking the direction for the giant paintings I wanted to create for my living room.

Last night sometime in between the Avett Brothers and Nora Jones performing at the Grammy's, I was not only inspired but also completed the piece above! Here is the quick process I took to create this piece that I can't help but gush over. My heart is seriously swelling over the colors and messy-but-great nature of the piece.

Start with this. Yup, Craft Paper.

Drizzle paint on the paper. The more haphazard the better! Very Pollock-esque.

Blend the paint together. I used a (wait for it) potato masher. Enter Julia Child. I could have used a paint knife I had, but because the scale was so big, the potato masher worked best to spread the paint.

P.S. And oh yeah, for those of you who don't know. Kandinsky is a famous artist whose parents were professional musicians. He was constantly surrounded my melodic tunes, and although he was also supposed to become a musican, he had different plans. His love of art was too strong to deny; he combined his two loves and would listen to music for inspiration while painting. Brilliant musical tunes perfumed the air yesterday while I was creating and I couldn't help but channel a little inner Kandinsky.

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