Monday, February 21, 2011

Excuse My Randomness: Jayson Home & Garden Edition.

I poured over Jayson Home & Garden's facebook images yesterday afternoon. I didn't know I could love them and their line of home goods any more than I already did. But it's officially a full blown love affair now! Here are some tons of images that had my heart racing.

(Loving just about every element of this shot of their showroom.)

(Orange and yellow lacquered furniture with gray and white upholstery? Yes, please!)

(Feels like summer. Galvanized buckets are great for containing messes around the house. Who said storage had to be ugly?)

(The graphic nature of this pattern combined with the pop of color is great.)

(Yummy rug and mustard chair! Where can I place my order?!)

(Love the wall mural in the background. Inspiration for a future piece!)

(Some inspiration from India taken on a buying trip. Talk about dream job!)

(More India)

(More India)


(Handsome decor.)

(That peacock blue velvet makes my heart skip a beat!)


(The texture of this tray is gorgeous!)

Be sure to check out their online store for both new and flea finds, and drop in to their Chicago brick and mortar version if you're lucky enough to live near by. It won't disappoint, I promise!

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