Friday, February 11, 2011

I Wish I Lived Here.

Remember when I wrote about gray being a great wall color because it allows colorful elements in the room to pop?

Here is a perfect example.

(I love love love the versatility of gray walls and gray couch. Lesson to be learned though: the room would be plain and boring without all the colorful accessories. If you go the gray route, make sure to take some risks with the accessories. This is an affordable way to try something outside your comfort zone. Promise it will pay off!)

(The skirted tables, X benches, and books arranged by color are perfection.)

(This room could be recreated on the cheap. It's styled to perfection, but all you really need for this look are two matching colorful lamps, two large solid colored pillows, two smaller patterned pillows, white sheer drapes, and a statement vase with a pop-of-color flowers.

Here's a collage of items you can add to your neutral space to bring in some color and style. Be sure to add fresh flowers, stacks of colorful books, and white curtains!

Enjoy and happy weekend lovely readers!

(Images via Apartment Therapy)

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