Monday, January 31, 2011

Eye Candy.

One Kings Lane is currently having a Tastemaker Tag Sale Blowout and I stumbled accross this piece of art below. I was drawn to the colors and graphic nature of the splattered and dripping paint. It was sold by the time I visited the sale (not that I could have afforded it anyway at $799) but I was left very curious about this artist Lana Gomez.

(via One Kings Lane)

After signing off OKL, I headed straight for google to find out more about Gomez. Interestingly enough, I have loved her work long before I could identify it! You see, there's this one designer who I admire just a tiny bit who has used Lana's work in projects before...

Yes, that's right, a piece steals the show in Kelly Wearstler's amazing office. (Image via 1st Dibs)

After doing more research and devouring Gomez's gorgeous site, I discovered that back in 2008, she had a show in LA titled "Eye Candy". That is exactly what her work is. It's visually stunning and hard to take your eyes off of once you've gotten a glimpse. Here are a few of the many examples:

(Above images via here)
Be sure to check Gomez's site for so many more examples. Seriously guys, each piece is better than the last!

There are two giant areas in my living room that have been calling out for art for months now. I knew I would fill the areas with paintings, specifically something abstract and colorful. I think this Lana Gomez art is just the inspiration I need. I already own a roll of canvas and I'll tap into my paint collection that seems to outgrow every new (and larger) home I find for it. And the fact that I can do this project for a whopping zero dollars is amazing! I can live with that! Check back for afters of my Gomez inspired art later this week. Wish me luck!

P.S. Most things at the OKL sale are already sold. But be sure to check before 11 tomorrow when the sale officially ends.

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