Friday, January 14, 2011

Gray in the House.

I love using gray for clients because I think it gives them the versatility to switch things up. Gray mixes easily with both other neutrals and color, and therefore one can change up pillows/throws/rugs from time to time with gray as the backdrop.

Not all clients care about changing things up on their own, but some do. And I do, too. I'm eternally changing things around at my place, and therefore used gray as a base in many rooms to facilitate this constant rotation of items in and out of rooms.

Here are a few examples of gray in my space.

(Crisp and fresh for the bedroom)

(Gray goes girlie in my bathroom. It sets the stage for pops of color, currently a shade very similar to this trendy color. I love how gray keeps it from seeming too fussy and girlie though.)

(A steely, blueish gray feels masculine and handsome in my dining room/ office.)

Do you have any gray in your place? Which room is your favorite?


  1. I am all about grey in the home. My bedroom is painted grey, and it's so soothing- perfect for sleep!

  2. Just as a bedroom should be, Abbie!


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