Thursday, March 22, 2012

Closet Half Way Point.

Incase you forgot the before...

Here's a bit of the after. It still needs quite a bit of zhushing and styling, but so much better than the before.

The IKEA system is wonderful. I love how easy it was to customize and create exactly the set up you're after.
It's so nice having a space to see everything finally- I feel like my clothes have always been all over the place (and the floor). But even if you don't have a walk-in closet, you could install a set exactly like mine above along a wall of a bedroom and curtain off the whole thing. I wish I had done this in my apartment with a small closet.
Remember that cedar wall I was excited (and nervous) to install? Well it worked! It looks great and imparts texture, character, and the faint smell of cedar. Win, win, and win.
Don't mind the white peaking through. We still need to fill a few gaps.

We have a nook in one corner that has drawers. I love these things. They're on the shallow side so each drawer is filled with one type of clothing and there isn't wasted space.
Scarved in one, shorts in another, unmentionables neatly organized in a third.
Summer, me and my shorts are ready for you!


  1. Looks great, Heidi! So jealous of all that organized space!

  2. Looks great - that wall is amazing! I am very jealous and wishing I had the space for such a fantastic closet :)

  3. I have a major case of closet envy right now. I love how you've organized everything and that cedar wall is a stroke of genius!

  4. I love the ikea closet system! i have been sweet talking my husband for the last 2 mths to get it for me! i love the look of a curtain over them as well. majorly green with envy as well!


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