Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Madness 4 / Styling A Coffee Table and Sofa.

Such a fun part of the job! Here's how I styled our English roll-arm sofa and massive coffee table.
The bolster pillow in the middle is the only new one in this collection. It came as a pair at HomeGoods. Nothing new, but just incase you're a styling newbie, HomeGoods is hands down one of the best sources for home accessories at affordable prices. I use pieces from here on every client project no matter the budget.

When shopping at HomeGoods for a project, I always leave with a brimming cart multiple brimming carts full of goodies. The trick is to overbuy, take everything back and style with a large arsenal, then return whatever you don't use. Even the best eye can't always pinpoint exactly what you will need to complete a look. Play around with different options until you get it just right.

All of the "things" you see on the coffee table (ie the candle sticks, vase, and natural elements like coral and barnacles) are from estate sales, hands down the best place to source one of a kind accessories practically for free.

A basket filled with blankets near a fireplace is a styling must.

Another great trick: conceal your remotes when not in use in a decorative box (easy access and pretty all at the same time).

Thanks for stopping by! See you lovelies later!


  1. I love your sofa, what brand is it?

  2. Great styling! Homegoods can be a dangerous place...What book is that in the second picture with the black, white, and pink geometric design?


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