Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Is it just me or is all this sunshine and bird chirping really making the week fly by?! It's Wednesday already...?

Here's what's been keeping me busy the past few days.

Trying to get this master of ours into some sort of order. We've been sleeping in some pretty boring confines for the past month. I've been dying to execute this amazing (fingers crossed) DIY and finally most of the supplies have come in. So excited to get this one underway!

I scored this huge framed canvas for $30 and measuring in at about 4 feet by 6 feet, hotel liquidation sales might be my new favorite thing! Possibly one of my best scores to date. The frame will get lacquered out and in place of the dull hotel art I'll paint an ocean landscape. I want to keep this one modern and fresh and avoid a tacky beach scene. Wish me luck!

Fell so in love with this laundry room Nate designed I placed my order for the same wallpaper that night! Can't wait to get it up in our foyer. And you just can't beat the price: $16 / roll !! Do yourself a favor and watch it if you haven't already. You'll thank me!

Gorgeous subdued fabric story taking shape for a client. This room is going to be a stunner!

Art to be hung in the master bathroom. Such an inexpensive installation. Details to come!

I'm off to run some errands and pick up some goodies for myself clients. Cannot wait to get in that car, put the windows down and turn up the music.

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  1. It's coming along great--I can't wait to see the chandelier!


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