Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grid Art How To.

The grass cloth in our master bathroom has been crying out for some art.

I wanted to keep it inexpensive but not skimp on size. A collection of images hung in a grid pattern did the trick!

The frames were $6 each at Michaels. I bought a Birds of the Wetlands book at a local discount store for $4. (Sidenote: loving the graphic quality of the flocks of birds!!) Any coffee table book should be full of images great for framing. So for around $40 I got six pieces of art, that combined take up a substantial amount of wall space. How great would it be to double the amount of frames and hang this over a sofa?! The book has so many more beautiful images I didn't use. Huge impact for under $100!

Now for the tedious task of getting them from this...

to this.

I tried a new method for hanging a grid collection.

Basically I laid out the grouping of frames the way I wanted them to look on the wall (only image side face down on the ground).

Then I laid a piece of clear plastic larger than the collection over the grouping and traced the frames and marked where nails needed to be placed based on hook location.

Then I hung the plastic on the wall and hammered in nails where the marks suggested.

That being said, this method wasn't perfect. I think part of this is to blame on the fact that the plastic I used was crinkly. If you use a fresh piece of wax paper I think you'd get better results. Since this method wasn't perfect, I used one of my favorite apps for some additional help. Have you guys heard of the GyroLeveler? I don't even carry a leveler with me anymore. This free app works so well I was even able to use it when I installed subway tile in the half bath.

Even prettier when you get a double dose reflected in the mirror!


  1. The pictures look great! Thanks for the tips. I hate when pictures like that are uneven, but I don't always have the patience to get them right. Also, a level app? Yes!

  2. Hope you don't mind, but I tagged you in the 11 Questions game:

  3. Thanks for the tip. I hung a grid of 12 a while back and it was a mess. Took all day to get it to look right...


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