Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Madness 1 / Family Room Before & After

I've been working on such an exciting project this past year. We've literally been going room by room and decorating from scratch. All new furniture, accessories, paint, art, etc.

Here's the before:

A little background on this room:

The previous owners used it as a dining room-bringing their count up to two dining areas, yet left them with no informal family room except the basement. This room is off the kitchen, the perfect spot for TV and relaxing since that's where everyone naturally congregates.

And another angle:

And now for the after:

Here's how it all went down:
First the homeowner and I found a fabric we really loved. Based on the architecture of the room, we knew we would do long panels capping every window pane. The windows are gorgeous but we had to warm up all the glass. We also added matchstick blinds for sunlight control. Based on the size of the windows, we had to go custom. Definitely worth every penny both from a visual standpoint as well as a functional standpoint.

Next up: wall color. We considered everything from the lightest wisp of blue to deep saturated shades. We were going with a very light blue gray for the kitchen with all white cabinetry, so we went bold in this space. Definitely the right decision. My client was nervous, but once it was up she was so happy I pushed her out of her comfort zone. Crisp white woodwork looks gorgeous against the deep inky blue.

Some pretties up close:

I like to call this room the jewel box of the house. The airy quality of the kitchen is punctuated by this bonus space! Such a beauty.

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  2. LOVE! This is gorgeous, Heidi. The blue tones are so rich and the details are fabulous! You should watermark the "after" shots so ATLS gets credit when they get wildly popular on pinterest ;) Also, as an FYI the pics are a little grainy/pixellated in my browser (Chrome). Can't get enough of this blue!

  3. Dear god! what a make over. Thats incredible!

  4. What a transformation! I'm not normally drawn to blues but this looks so polished and inviting! Well done!

  5. Totally, utterly FABULOUS! Nice job, lady.


  6. Wow. That's a stunning transformation. I love the color and the fabric.


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