Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vanity Before and After.

A sweet friend of mine mentioned a few weeks ago that she would love a vintage or antique vanity for her bedroom. An expensive set wasn't practical on a law student's budget, and my friend was also interested in putting her own mark on the piece. I suggested she create her own vanity combo, and Craigslist was the easy answer. When I found this vanity, I was so excited to send Lindsay the link.

At $30, she was excited too! While it had great girlie lines, it also came with a tacky faux French Provincial veneer that had to go. We chose a dark bluish gray to compliment her existing black furniture and powder blue duvet. Lindsay wanted to add some gold detail as well, and we both decided she definitely should when we pulled a drawer out and a tiny bottle of gold paint (it had to be 25 years old-I think it cost 49 cents!) was sitting inside.

We decided to paint this bench gold as well. And Lindsay scored the perfect fabric in the remnant section (50% off!!) to pick up on the gold details as well as her zebra rug. I was impressed!

And now the best part. Here's the finished piece styled in her bedroom.

The gold mirror is from Home Goods. To the bottom left, "book" boxes house a cluster of ugly cords. Brilliant!

Who knew this cozy and stylish bedroom get even better?! But the "new" vanity did the trick

Since the vanity itself is more ornate, clean and modern pieces on top keep the look chic as opposed to gaudy

Gorgeous gold paper lines the drawers and compliments the zebra seat cushion

The gold dipped "feet" might be my favorite detail of the piece

Glamorous yet fun, Lindsay's vanity is now the perfect place to get ready!

For anyone out there interested in putting together a similar look, do it! Lindsay and I had so much fun completing this project over the course of two days, a few hours each day. It ended up being far cheaper than any new set she could've purchased, and it is personalized to fit her space perfectly. Looks great!

For help putting together a similar look in your space, contact me at for details!


  1. a fantastic transformation! love it :)

  2. I love and appreciate how one can find great pieces for great prices if you search, and all it takes is a bit of imagination and you get a awesome "new" piece of furniture (might be old but in your eyes is oh no new and perfect! :))
    Nice post.


  3. It looks so great! Love the before and after of this one, its like a whole new piece!


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