Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feeling Blue.

Blue ceilings, that is. A long time stable of southern porches, designers have decided to take this idea indoors, including it in kitchens, foyers, and even bedrooms. The sky's the limit (pun intended).

The original - via Ashley Rohe Design

Sublte blue - via pinterest

Love the lacquered look above - via House Beautiful

So sophisticated - via pinterest

So happy they kept the planks white - via Elements of Style

The bold and the beautiful. The rich peacock blue balances the rich tones of the floor - via pinterest

Pick a tone of blue straight from your textiles - via pinterest

I'm loving what I see! Would you ever consider a painted ceiling in your home?


  1. I dig that look. Do you typically paint everything else white like that? Very beachy...

  2. i painted my whole downstairs white walls with blue ceilings. i will do this to all future homes - i love it!


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