Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How To Create A Vanity Using Craigslist.

One very stylish friend of mine mentioned she is looking to purchase a vanity. On a student's budget, a new set isn't exactly realistic. While shopping Craigslist (aka my favorite source for budget decorating), I found a few items that combine to create a very current and on-trend vignette. Here's what I came up with, all for under $100.
The mirror is $35, the vanity table is $15 (a complete steal!), and the vintage bench is only $15 as well. You can have a cover made for the cushion at your local dry cleaners (they have tailors) for around $20. They can add the white piping too! Accessories glam the space up a bit without taking the theme too far over the top. Perfect proof that with a little creativity and lots of Craigslist love, you can decorate any space on any budget!

***UPDATE: Sometime between writing this post last night and this morning, the white vanity table sold. Lesson about Craigslist: if you really like something, contact the seller IMMEDIATELY!! Especially when it's such a great deal! UPDATE***


  1. I love CL, but my local CL seriously lacks most of the time!

  2. Yes craigslist is awesome. Im not loving the mirror but fir the price good! Send her thrifting she bound to find something.


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