Friday, January 21, 2011

Ramblings of a Designer.

So much to do today, so little time. A bathroom project that is currently somewhere in between this and a beautiful after. A client room full of boxes of photos and albums and frames that I was challenged to consolidate into a single bookshelf (seriously, I'm not a magician people). A skirted table project of my own. Finding hardware for at least a few of the currently seven pieces of furniture residing in my apartment without any. Overflowing folders and binders and piles of inspiration tear sheets that I desperately need to scan (now if only I could figure out how to work this scanner). And as much as that list makes me want to crawl back into bed on this especially cold Cleveland morning and forget about it until Monday, I'm going to go tackle as much as possible so I can have fun tonight and relish in all the work I accomplished over a cocktail or two. Cheers to that!

Here are some beauties to tie you over until we meet again Monday! Bon weekend!

(House Beautiful)

(House Beautiful)

(Ivy and Piper)

Any big plans for the weekend lovely readers? All work, all play, or a bit of both?

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