Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Resolution Three: Display More Photographs in my Home.

My camera is basically like a member of my family. I take it everywhere, use it constantly, and cherish the millions of photos I take. Yet for some crazy bizarre reason, I raaaareellyy obtain a hard copy of the prized possessions. So as both a decorating as well as personal goal for 2011, I will print and frame more photos showcasing the great people in my life and all the exciting adventures I'm fortunate enough to go on.

And look at all the amazing ways to do just that:

(West Elm)

(Kristen Buckingham)

(Tori Mellot created this uber stylish and popular gallery wall that has made its way around the blogosphere a time or two)

(Elle Decor. Pick a hallway and a color for your frames and go all out!)

(Australian Vogue Living. For those of us with lots of life lived and the photos to prove it.)

(Coastal Living)

(Cookie Magazine)

(Lona de Anna)

(Kate and Andy Spade's home as seen in The Selby)

And for a very easy way to make sure your gallery wall is perfect, read here.

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