Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ATLS Design has a Sale.

While I offer traditional design services through my firm, ATLS Design, I also offer a service I'm particularly fond of called Face Lift for Your Space.

Face Lift for Your Space is a service which combines the perks of hiring both a designer and a professional organizer. Through this service, I make minor design changes to brighten your space as well as help you organize and beat your clutter.

Here's what is included in Face Lift for Your Space:

-Initial visit (approximately 1 hour):

I photograph your space, we discuss design dilemmas, pinpoint clutter areas, address needs/wants for the finished space.

-Main visit (approximately 4 hours):

We kill that clutter once-and-for-all by organizing and purging the "stuff" in your space. Also, I present my design plan and make layout changes to the space.

-Final visit (approximately 2 hours):
New design elements are installed (ie curtains, pillows, rug, table top accessories, etc). During this final visit, I dress your space and make it sparkle. I also present your new organizing systems and leave you with tips on how to keep your space organized and clutter-free.

Email me at heidi.atlsdesign@gmail.com to purchase this service today!

Please note that this was originally created as a local service, but can be easily adapted to a web-based service for those of you interested! Also, the fee for web-based clients will be reduced to $150 due to no-travel fee.

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