Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On The Subject Of Wallpaper: Grass Cloth.

I'm using a lot of wallpaper at the house. Read: more rooms are being papered than painted. It's not loud, in your face paper, but it's paper none the less. And I've had many odd looks from workers and friends alike when I explain the decor plan of the house.

I get it. Most people not immersed in the world of design hear wallpaper and go running with nightmare-ish flashbacks of bad 90's paisley avec border or grandma's floral from who knows when. I'm not saying all wallpaper is created equal, certainly not. And much of the paper you find at big box stores is plain B.A.D. But don't hate it all! Some options are down right beautiful.

One of my favorite types of paper is grasscloth. I'm using grasscloth in the master bath, walk-in closet, and back hallway and I'm very excited with the results so far (it's being hung while we speak). I love grasscloth because it reads as a solid but has more depth than paint. It's a really nice backdrop for art work and textiles alike, and it has a way of making a room feel a bit more expensive.

Here are a few of my favorite spaces with grasscloth. You don't know how hard it was to edit this collection down.

Images via My Pinterest

A quick shout out to the lovely bloggers Bryn (glasscloth is even the background of her blog!!) and Bri for including grasscloth in their powder room and closet respectively (included above)! Well done ladies, well done!

Obviously I'm in love. What about you?
Do you like the look of grasscloth? Or does paper terrify you?
Would you be more open to it in your own home after seeing some of these beauties?

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  1. haha, I know exactly what you mean when you mention talking about wallpaper to coworkers or friends who are not immersed in the world of design. But show them these pretty pictures and they'll change their mind. :) can't wait to see the progress you've done.



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