Friday, October 21, 2011

DIY Bar Cart.

After yesterday's post, I was alerted of a great DIY. Look at this amazing transformation Kendall performed to turn an old AV cart (hello 4th grade flashback!!) into a stylish and trendy bar cart.


Old, gunky, and rusty

And the big reveal...

I know! I'm thinking the same thing!
That used to be an AV cart that looked like it was on its last leg?!
The girl's good.

The styling is impeccable and the designer in me cannot resist commenting on the yummy curtains and dark stained floors in the background.

Check out Kendall's blog here and see the process from start to finish.

Happy Friday everyone!
Kendall, with a bar cart that beautiful, I'm just waiting for my invite for drinks!


  1. Why thank you, Heidi! This was very sweet of you to post about. You're welcome for a drink any time you're in Nashville!

  2. I so want to steal the ones from this school i used to go to and take them with me now. They used to make this awful noise too hahaha, only if I knew their potential!



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