Monday, October 31, 2011

Home Tour: Country Cottage.

I had to share this Home Tour I found on The Martha Stewart site. What I really love about this house: the color palette. It strikes the perfect balance between sophisticated neutrals and cheerful pops of color. The place has personality but maintains a classy edge. It's beautiful yet fun and cozy, just the way a house should be!

The furniture is well tailored (read: slightly elegant) yet overstuffed (read: comfy) creating the perfect balance.

Red trim adds energy and works well as it can really stand out against other neutral elements in the space.

Beautiful hardware steals the show in this small galley kitchen.

I love the timeless teak finish of the dresser while the recessed circular knobs lend a sense of playfulness to the piece.
So effortless and natural!

This house really speaks to me and acts as a great reminder for all of us to have fun with our homes. Somewhere along the line people started taking the task of furnishing a home far too seriously. As this house evidences so perfectly, it's possible to have a beautiful and elegant home while remembering to keep it comfortable and true to your personal style. Well done!

See the full tour here

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  1. Heidi...what a gorgeous and quaint little it! Wishing you a wonderful week x


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