Friday, April 22, 2011

Wouldn't You Just Love To...

Thanks to Ashlina, aka the Decorista, for bringing this gorgeousness to my attention!

Walk down those stairs every morning only to be greeted by your favorite white ceramic vase and a sun-soaked kitchen. Chevron really is the perfect way to start any day!

And a big thank you to Jenny over at Little Green Notebook for featuring my padded headboard and handpainted Chinoiserie walls! Seriously, I'm blushing.


  1. you are a doll. thanks for the love. and we are the same, love that chevron. xoxooxxo

  2. the chevron stairs are definitely amazing. :) love

  3. oh boy, i LOVE that picture! what an amazing entry/hallway. when i own a home, i'd love to recreate the energy in this photo. thanks for posting!


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