Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday I'm In Love: Save The Date.

It's confirmed. Vintage stamps might just be one of the loveliest things on earth. From a purely visual standpoint, they're stunning. I love the colors and the graphic nature of the designs. But there's something more that mesmerizes me about these charming little gems of days gone by.

Think of all the love these stamps have seen. Young couples divulging their deep feelings for the first time. Family members recounting their typical day-to-day in a new land. Holiday well wishes between best friends. Total swoon.

So I dug through some oldies at one of my favorite antique shops, Sophie's Treasure, and found some to add to our save the dates.

They pack a huge visual punch and add such charm to the back of the post cards. Even though the stamps are old, something about these save the dates is decidedly fresh. Vintage modern. Just the way I like it.

Above you can see the front and the back. Trent Bailey took the photo of us for the front of the card. More on him soon! The man is a genius! Jason and I created a fake ferry ticket to include in the envelope. Just thinking of riding the ferry over to Mackinac Island has gotten us so excited for the big day!

The top of the card is the perfect detail poking out of the blue envelopes. That ceiling! Gahhh! Such a lovely first impression this little card makes, no?

Happy Friday everyone! Only a few more envelopes to hand calligraph and these babies are in the mail! #Lovecrossingthingsoff

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