Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back Hallway and Stairs: Before and After(ish).

I want to show you the progress we've made in the back hallway. When we started, this was one of the most horrific areas of the house. It still isn't done, but it's sssoooooooo much better!

We eliminated an awkward door (above on the left) and bumped out the exterior wall (below, thanks Tony and Uncle Jay!), and in its place created a laundry nook.

We also used grasscloth to add texture and warmth to the walls. The hardwood floors have transformed the house, and it's no different in this area. I cannot over emphasize the impact bright white moldings have had on this space. Backdoor = chalkboard = most fun part of the house!

The area isn't done. Soon we'll add a folding counter over the laundry machines. Once that's installed I'll create a fabric skirt to hide the harsh machines.

Also, we plan on creating an ever evolving gallery of images from our travels and adventures in the stairway. Accessories such as a rug, chalk on a bright string and natural sea sponge will finish off the space.

Thanks for visiting today! I love sharing bits of this little house with you, and involving you in the process of turning our house into a home.

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  1. It may not be done yet but it is still looking SO good!


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