Wednesday, December 1, 2010

High and Low.

Remember the zebra padded headboard I mentioned that Grant K. Gibson used in the Elle Decor Showhouse, along side custom de Gournay wallpaper?

Gibson couldn't find the right fabric anywhere, until he strolled through his local Target that is. Yes, I said. Target. He ended up upholstering the headboards with a sheet he found that couldn't have cost more than $50.

I love when designers mix high and low. While the wallpaper cost a small fortune, you can cut costs in other places. WIth good design so accessible these days, you don't need to spend a lot of money to achieve a stunning effect. Not everything has to be a million bucks to make a space look great. And truth be told, it's often the unexpected material that brings a room to life. Sometimes the projects with the tightest budgets turn out the most innovative, because you have to be to make things work.

Check out Gibson's unveiling here, on his blog. It's really amazing. And that bathroom, ahhh. I won't even start! :)


Ditto when it comes to fashion. The Olsen sisters know this all too well, as evidenced by the Converse and Givenchy combo seen above.

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