Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Table.

This year, I helped my mom decorate the Christmas table. We decided to go pretty simple, but the result was beautiful. One other stipulation: she wanted to use as much of what she already had as possible. (She's moving a few days after the new year, and the less to pack the better!)

I picked up the pine cones, she got some extra white candles, and we used a green table cloth and gold chargers she had. Very affordable and simple, but strengthened by the fact that we ran the same theme all the way down the table. The most common mistake I see is when people place items sporadically down the table or fail to choose one theme and continue it all the way. To create a striking effect, you'll probably need to buy double the amount of centerpiece supplies you think you'll need. This will ensure a full and festive table.

(A fun idea for pine cone placecards)

P.S. This was a day or two before Christmas Eve. Don't worry, we had silverware and glasses the day of the feast :)

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