Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday I'm In Love.

Loyal readers, you've known about our exciting news since November.
But for you newbies out there, it's true! Jason and I are getting married.

The big day is just over five months away,
so planning has taken over much of my time and many of my pins.

I'd love to share our plans for the big day...

Decor for the reception. Fashion for the bridal party.
Personal touches we will add to make the day more special.
Design boards for little things like Save The Dates (above).

What are your thoughts? Would like in on all the lovely little details?


  1. i really like your Save the Date idea...pretty unique. are you getting help from anyone to get things organized and all that fun jazz??? ...good luck with everything, it's a fun but a bit busy time to go through. :)



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