Monday, August 8, 2011

An Update.

Moving out of the old apartment defines bitter sweet. As I handed over the keys and walked through Door Number 6 for what would probably be the last time, I stopped for a moment to breath in the scent of the place that had been my home for the last two years, with its perfectly worn wooden floors and giant white moldings, evidence of an era gone by.

Luckily, memories transcend brick and mortar walls. And as I move into the next phase of my life, one I'm so excited about some nights I can't even sleep, I'll look fondly into the past and stew about in the memories of Apartment 6 often.

Thoughts of home-cooked meals so delicious they still make my mouth water. Making the slightly-scary but ever-so-exciting decision to start my own design business. Laughter between friends packed around an oversized, overstuffed white sectional. A young love developing on a balcony aglow with Christmas lights. These are the things I will remember.

Kisses Coventry. Thanks for the memories.

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