Saturday, October 2, 2010

First I ecognized that you were very clever.

Wouldn't this be adorably romantic hung over a newlyweds' bed. It's A List of Aline Bernstein's Good Qualities written by husband Eero Saarinen. Although they were only married 8 years before Saarinen's sudden death, it is rumored they fell in love instantly upon meeting.

I couldn't help but be inspired by this sweet little note. Since the letter is a bit feminine with the pink writing, I decided to include more masculine, moody colors for the palette of the space, perfect for a cozy bedroom. The accessories also lean to the masculine side, except for the headboard and chair which are decidedly feminine. Good design, just like any solid relationship, is all about balance and compromise.

Black and white photos finish off the space, adding even more character and personality to an already rich bedroom. Vintage black and whites are quirky and work well, but personal images should be added and would fit in perfectly!

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