Friday, August 17, 2012

I Know You've Done It, Too.

That's right.  Bought something for a client.  And then seriously considered keeping it for yourself.

It happens to me alot, which I like to look at as a good thing.  Must means I only put pieces in clients' homes that I'd put in mine as well, right?

Cue yesterday: I stumbled upon an estate sale (those things find me, I swear) and I found these amazing old brown jugs.  Very weird, because the day before I was thinking about styling a clients fireplace with these same things, only I didn't have them yet and wasn't quite sure where I'd find them.  Then BAM!  Into my lap they fell (which, Design Gods, I'm all for, incase you're listening - Keep the goodies coming!!).  But then I got them home, added candle sticks and realized they looked happily at home right where they sat.

Let's be real.  I have enough accessories floating around this little house to style out at least three other residences.  So to the client they shall go.  But it won't be easy.

Before you go, do tell....

Do you ever keep things you initially picked up for a client?  Have you at least thought about it long and hard maybe once or twice?  Don't lie.  We're all friends here.

1 comment:

  1. I agree!! thats a great thing!! means you really love what you are putting in their houses, and i guess thats why they hire you right? to get your style :) Love it!

    love K


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