Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Girlie Glam Bedroom.

Well it worked.


Amanda's room is now a girlie haven, full of glamorous details and a healthy dose of pink.

Lamps which used to be in my old dining room (and copper..remember? Notice the black dresser, too!).
Fresh flowers cure a world of issues. Period.

Symmetry adds to the glamour chic look, but not too over-the-top to keep it fresh.

Old favorites. It was time to pass on these gems.

Love me some glam gold.

Happy "client" !!
Love how her shirt coincidentally matches the room perfectly.
Must've done gooooood :)

I love how Amanda's room turned out. It's feminine without the fuss (thanks black, gray, and white)
and perfect for this young lady lover.

What are your thoughts on the girlie glam look?
Too much pink for you or just right?


  1. It's perfect...love the pops of pink!!

  2. i like it...love the symmetry and colors. great one! ....i wish the pics were a little bigger to see more though,, but it's good enough to admire the great job! :)


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