Friday, June 3, 2011

What A Great Idea.

Happy weekend everyone! Sorry for the spotty posting lately. I've been busy, busy, busy over here with lots of fun projects, and one especially exciting endeavor I can't wait to share here on ATLS. Today I wanted to share a few fun and simple DIY projects I've come across lately.

A creative way to display lots of your own little artists' work- via Pinterest

Ask your local grocer for a pallet or two for a simple (and free) headboard- via Stylizimo

Such a sweet reminder of all the fun places you and your Hunny have traveled to.
And what a creative wedding gift for a dear friend- via Life Blessons

Paint the back of your cabinets for a pop of color in an otherwise white kitchen- via Pinterest

Spell out any word you want with custom created letter pillows- via Etsy

Perfect for kiddos still afraid of the dark. What's more fun than a "night light headboard"? - via Pinterest

Braided summer headbands...Total swoon! via- Pinterest

So onboard with this beautiful, affordable, and environmentally friendly centerpiece via- Luna and Chloe Weddings

So many fun ideas, so little time! If anyone attempts one of these projects, send photos. I'd love to see your result!


  1. beautiful!! i JUST filled an old large coffee can with impatients - looks cute so far & i can't wait til it grows a bit :D thanks for this great post!

  2. Thanks for linking up my travel corkboard map! I am so excited that other people love it as much as I do. It's a great conversation piece, so I'd highly recommend making one of your own! :)

    Carmen @ Life Blessons


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