Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Everything But The Kitchen Sink.

Farm House Sink?

House Beautiful

Fiesty Design

Bright Bazaar

Or Classic Undermount?


Sea Grass Interiors


This & That - full butcher block install tutorial here

Young House Love

Which do you prefer? I'm still out to lunch on this one. Both styles are so beautiful!


  1. That last photo looks like it was taken from our new house! There is actually granite overload in there which might make some people happy but i've actually dreamed of nothing but all-white kitchens for awhile now and want to make that a reality. My mom would kill me if she heard me say that though!

  2. They are both so beautiful but I would choose the classic undermount as my favorite look.

  3. I love them both but I think as long as it is ceramic. It always gives classic look.

  4. I am a huge HUGE fan of farmhouse sinks...I think there is nothing more beautiful in a kitchen. But that is just completely my opinion - if it's functional and works for you, do what your heart desires!

  5. I've had both and like both. I do find myself chasing around food particles with the water hose in the farm house. Maybe it's not as pitched as the stainless steel ones? Something to think about.


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