Monday, December 10, 2012

Introducing Our Newest Design Assistant.

Please meet Oxford Chamoun,  Heidi Chamoun Interiors' brand new design assistant.  He admires the finer things in life, like blue Chinese pottery, brass hardware, and the occasional monkey squeak toy.  

He has an affinity for (chewing on) gorgeous rugs.

He works with stripes, buffalo checks, and the most stunning ikats.  

Often found asleep on the job, we keep him around because, well, he's just too darn cute to fire.  

You try letting go of an employee with paws like that.

For those of you still reading this, thanks for indulging me.  We're pretty excited about our new addition in these parts.  Back to regular posting tomorrow.   Happy Monday, from Heidi and Oxford!


  1. oh my goodness so cute! is that a goldendoodle? if so, what is the name of your breeder?


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