Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Office Envy.

image via Pinterest

So sorry for the radio silence. I was out of the country indulging in some much needed R&R in the sun with the fam. Renovating an entire house at once, as fun as it is, is straight up exhausting. But I'm back and recharged and thinking about this beautiful office.

Can we just talk about how great it is? It is moody with saturated hues, but light at the same time thanks to that massive window and the way it's been treated. I love the texture a bamboo shade brings to a space and think almost any room can handle the addition. One of my favorite tricks for adding interest to a window is layering such a shade under long panel curtains. So many people stop short choosing just one or the other, but layering is where the real magic happens in a room.

The shape of the chair is so lovely and perfectly enhanced by the nail head trim. Those ottomans steal my heart and I don't think I will ever tire of moroccan inspired furnishings. Currently scheming up a DIY or considering this little gem Jenny included in her side table round up.

Another wonderful aspect of this room is it's fine balance between classic and on trend elements. What I like to refer to as the "structure" of the space (the walls, main floor covering, large {expensive} pieces of furniture) are neutral in color and in style. The accessories and smaller, more changeable elements are where the color and real personality come in. This is a wonderful way to create a personal and slightly trendy space without tying yourself too tightly to one look. You can easily change out the accessories for a brand new look a few years down the road if you keep the bigger elements neutral.

What are your thoughts on this office? Are you a fan like me?


  1. offices can be tricky at times. I say that because Ive been having trouble doing so for mine. It's been 5 months now and I still have a blank office full of boxes and only a chair and desk...ahh!! but I love this office....


  2. True. The trickiness lies in a home office being practical. An ideal office space has to have that, but at the same time, there should still be room to customize and personalize. There are so many possibilities that it can be a little hard to choose!

    -Ed Iwasaki


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