Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cozy and Colorful.

I was archiving my way though some old House Beautifuls and came across this cozy LA bungalow. I love the happy nature of the space, and also admire Moises Esquenazi's design philosophy.

He believes bigger isn't always better and that small spaces can in fact take a bold pop of color for both the walls and the fabrics.

Take a look at some images of his bungalow.

What a happy, energetic space, right?! I decided to check out more of his work and loved everything I saw. Color junkies- be prepared to swoon!

I think his use of color is so successful for two reasons; first, he employs pure, saturated colors that add a modern pop. Second, he uses one broad stroke of color, which also adds a modern and cohesive feel to his spaces.

Are you as bold with color? Or do you gravitate toward neutrals with smaller pops of bright color?

*All images via House Beautiful or Moises Esquenazi & Associates.


  1. Neutrals with a pop for me. Love that little bungalow, though.

  2. I tend to change depending on the room. I have always loved that pink door - so glad I know where it's from now!

  3. I love love color, but sometimes I like to incorporate my neutrals and then play with small amounts of color. perhaps I'm quite shy at times! But love the work shown above.


  4. No not as Bold as these photos but the photo with the pink door is pure genious, the way it was framed with the two plants. Outstanding.


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