Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You raaaang?

With the holidays in full swing, entertaining is on the minds of many. Out-of-town friends and family visiting for the holidays make an impromptu gathering more likely than ever. Whether for coffee, after dinner cocktails, or a full on feast, you want to be ready for whatever fun get-togethers may ensue.

A butler's pantry was traditionally found in large homes and was a place silver and other serving items were stored. The butler often slept in these quarters in order to keep thieving hands at bay.

Now they can be found in contemporary homes as a small hallway between the kitchen and dining room. Even if your home doesn't have one, a single cabinet can be transformed into a "pantry" of sorts, housing all the party essentials. This can be a great place to store wine, your finest china and silver serviing pieces, and even fun napkins and other linens crucial for creating a fun and festive last minute soiree.

Here are some of my favorites.

(Katie Ridder)

(Elle Decor, I love the graphic nature of the molding detailing)

(Miles Redd does it again)

(Domino Magazine)

(The Swiss Difference)

Even an open kitchen shelf or free standing cabinet will do. Where could you squeeze on in your house?

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